Monday, August 12, 2013

Sexxi Batman (Parental Guidence Suggested)

In case you haven't seen this yet I thought I would post it here. Our friend David Gemmill made this earlier this year. He is a crazy funny board artist on Uncle Grandpa. If you like this you will find some of his humor worked into the Uncle Grandpa series (although nothing sexual and cleaner themes than this). Uncle Grandpa is for kids not for you older pervs out there. David is an amazing talent. There is one show called Leg Wrestle that he and Myke Chilian did that's like this short in the way that there all these crazy funny poses in it. We are still making these shows so it will be a long wait to see them. Hang in there. In the mean time we are trying to talk David into a follow up of Sexxi Batman. Possibly a dance club scene or an encounter with Sexxi Superman? Any suggestions? I'll pass them along. Enjoy!