Sunday, November 03, 2013

Mickey Mouse Croissant de Triomphe BGs

    These were the BGs I did for this Mickey Mouse Short. This was the first one Disney did so I was asked to come and help out as a freelance painter. It was hard to do at first. I had to take a couple passes on the Cathedral shot but I started getting more confident by the time I did the rooftop shots. the texture layer we put over the the painting and the size of the files made my computer crash several times. I had to go out and buy a more powerful Mac to complete this work. I'm glad this short won two Emmys even though my part in it was small, it was nice to be a part of the team at least in the beginning. The only reason I didn't continue working on this was just timing. I was busy Art Directing a Scooby dtv called "Curse of the Frankencreep" which I was immersed in at the time and will soon be posting work from so stay tuned. I really loved working on that Scooby. Of course I loved Mickey too!