Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some production BGs from The Next Avengers!

Here are some Backgrounds I digitally painted for the movie. Fedja Jovanovic designed these layouts. Starting from The Next Avengers through Planet Hulk which releases in 2010, Marvel/Lionsgate used basicly the same crew to create the art and design on these movies. I have to say, These are the some of best artists in the business and it has been a pleasure working with these guys. Fedja Jovanovic Is the Background designer. He is a great artist and I love to work on his designs. James Peters is the best Color Stylist I've ever worked with. He will put the characters over my backgrounds and make them sing! Not literally. Mitch Schauer designed Characters for both The Next Avengers and Hulk vs Thor. He is also great at what he does and is now using his Talents designing all the characters on Super Hero Squad and producing as well! Enjoy!

The Next Avengers for Christmas!

My kids love this movie and so do all their friends. It is the only show I worked on that has "tested well" with my own.