Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Uncle Grandpa for REAL!

I had the night off from freelance last night so this is what spent my time doing. I had fun. Hope you get a laugh out of it like I did. By the way in case anyone is wondering. I pieced together some of my favorite actors and personalities to make this. I started with someone from the internet that had a pretty good mustache but he was too young looking to be a grandpa so I added Sean Connery wrinkles. Then Karl Malden nose with W.C. Fields gin blossoms, Marty Feldman eyes and Viola!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Emmys for Mickey Mouse short Croissant de Triomphe!

Congrats to Joseph Holt for winning the Emmy for Art Direction! And Jenny Gase-Baker for Background painting! Great job you too!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sexxi Batman (Parental Guidence Suggested)

In case you haven't seen this yet I thought I would post it here. Our friend David Gemmill made this earlier this year. He is a crazy funny board artist on Uncle Grandpa. If you like this you will find some of his humor worked into the Uncle Grandpa series (although nothing sexual and cleaner themes than this). Uncle Grandpa is for kids not for you older pervs out there. David is an amazing talent. There is one show called Leg Wrestle that he and Myke Chilian did that's like this short in the way that there all these crazy funny poses in it. We are still making these shows so it will be a long wait to see them. Hang in there. In the mean time we are trying to talk David into a follow up of Sexxi Batman. Possibly a dance club scene or an encounter with Sexxi Superman? Any suggestions? I'll pass them along. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Uncle Grandpa Coming soon!

This is the new show I'm working on now. It premieres Sept. 2 on Cartoon Network. It's stylistically different than what I am used to working on but I think it's super great and am having fun working on it. I am the Color Supervisor on it so I am overseeing the background paint and color models and making sure they work together well. We'll see how it does. You never know about how the public response will be until it's out there. All I know is we are laughing at work.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mickey Mouse in New York Weenie Background Art

Hi all, Last year I did some freelance on the Mickey Mouse Shorts over at Disney with a friend Joseph Holt. Here are a couple I did for this one that takes place in Central Park New York. I finally get to see these finished and on Youtube. Unfortunately Disney didn't properly give me credit on this short but these are the ones I did. After it is out, there's not much I can do about it. I did get my name in the credit of the Mickey Mouse in Croissant de Triomphe short. I just want to set the record straight for those who follow my blog. For the rest of the world, I don't exist on this short. Ah human error. People don't realize how important that is to us artists. Some of us will work for free to be part of something as cool as this just for the credit, not me but some people :) Thanks for the the nice Art Direction Joseph! Enjoy.