Thursday, September 29, 2011

PLASTIC MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, okay! I'm postin' I'm postin' I've been busy. Two kids, art directing Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. and working on the shorts for PLASTIC MAN! Yeah that's right. WB has green lit a bunch of new shorts of Plastic Man which my friend Andy Suriano is putting his heart and soul into. Years ago (2004 I believe) I remember him working on the pilot which was slotted to become a series on Cartoon Network. CN was planning to green light 5 new shows. Plastic Man looked like a shoe in but then CN decided they didn't like having "Cartoon" in their name and wanted to be more like Disney and Nickalodeon by doing more live action shows. So they green lit "Inside Jimmy's Head" (live action flop) as well as "Chowder" and "Flapjack" (only 2 good cartoons). Andy was bummed of course. This is why it pays to stay in the game, cartoons are not going away. Plastic Man is cool because he's a funny superhero that used to be a crook. Anyway I did this title card and the background painting for the up coming shorts to be aired on Cartoon Network in a block called DC Nation. It won't be seen 'til early next year so don't wet your pants staying up late looking for it. 'Til next time, -Stephen