Tuesday, March 06, 2012

"My Gym Partner's a Monkey" background art

This was a cool show for me to work on. I loved working at Cartoon Network back then. There was such good talent on this show, it's amazing it wasn't more of a success. At least for me I couldn't  stand the main character and was happy whenever he got the crap beaten out of him. I remember Nate Cash was particularly good at doing that in his storyboards. Thanks Nate. Besides hating the main character, Art Directing is hard work. I always get suckered into doing it because they know how power hungry I am. Seriously though it's always the art and the designs of the show that make it worth while for me. These were fun and a joy to work on. Thanks to Dan Krall, Justin Thompson, Fred Gardner and Jim Worthy. The character designs were fun too thanks to Dexter Smith, Tim Cahill and Philippe Tilikete.